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  • At-Home Activities For The Kids

    If you’re trying to parent while working from home, you’re not alone. COVID-19 has thrown most of our summer plans out the window, and it hasn’t been easy. It can be challenging to try to balance everything, as well as create memorable experiences for your kids. And just when school begins again, we find ourselves challenged more with online schooling that keeps the kids at home. However, with a little creativity and a lot of self-kindness, it’s possible to stay active as a family and remain sane.

    Here are some at-home ideas that may work for your family.

  • Vitamins K and D may improve COVID-19 outcomes

    In these uncertain times, one thing we know for sure--the better care we take of our day-to-day health, the better. Here is some of the latest information on vitamin K and vitamin D and COVID-19 research:
  • Want To Improve Your Immunity? Get Better Sleep

    Getting better sleep is probably the most underutilized strategy we can adopt for better health, and it’s never been more vital to tap into its power. Research scientists are spending many waking hours learning about the critical importance of sleep to our mental and physical health, including its role in immune health and fending off viruses.
  • One Day At A Time--And Supplement, Too!

    As summer reaches its blazing height, we all continue to face supreme challenges that call upon our best abilities to cope with stress, practice patience, and deal with each day as it comes, now more than ever.

    Discover self-care tips and supplements for your best mood in this article.

  • Self-Care Strategies for Your Best Life

    There’s really no beating around the bush: times are tough these days. We’re facing a lot of challenges, and many of us are feeling stressed and tired. By engaging in meaningful self-care strategies, we can invest in ourselves so we can better take on challenges. And contrary to popular belief, it’s necessary, not indulgent.

    Wondering where to start? Consider some of these suggestions.

  • Ahead of the Curve: Early-Stage Discoveries Show Promise

    Good results in the lab can lead to larger human trials. Here are some of the most promising recent findings on mushrooms, turmeric, vitamin D, and more.
  • Tips For Family Time In A Pandemic World

    Families are a source of companionship and gratification in the best of times. With the COVID-19 reality, families are the primary pillar of support as we try to navigate social distancing along with trying to get back to some kind of normal.

    In these seemingly worst of times, despite being mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, families are being challenged to find new ways to live together while learning to navigate a changing world.

    Here are some tips that may help you plan for the “new normal”—and also help you create meaningful time together.

  • Don't Skimp On Sleep

    Sleep offers many important benefits. In addition to this video's information about the positive aspects of good sleep and tips to help you improve your slumber, also consider the following studies on L-theanine and DHA.

  • For Men's Health: Prevention Rules the Day

    When we take a look at prescription medication data, it becomes clear there are three main reasons why men end up on prescription meds: high cho...
  • Inflammation Round-Up

    Sometimes, inflammation is a good thing. When we get a cut, the first thing that happens is an inflammatory process to help reduce blood loss and trap "invaders." However, when inflammation goes unchecked, becoming chronic, it can create more problems than it helps. Here are several studies on nutrients that showed promise in helping the body with a healthy inflammation response.

  • Bring Balance To Your Life

    None of us can escape some stress, especially in times like these. But even small steps taken daily can help to counteract the effects of that stress, helping to keep the body and mind in a healthy balance.

  • Advantage Relaxation: Fight Stress and Improve Health

    Discover how ashwagandha and astaxanthin may provide support to help combat stress, especially during these trying times. Information form the latest studies, just for you.